Tourism License

A “tourism business” is a company that offers services to tourism license, such as setting up or running tours, sightseeing, guide services, and more. It excludes things like car leasing, passenger transportation, and making hotel reservations and bookings. Additionally, a tourism business owner is prohibited from acting as an agent and is required to market their services directly to tourists who are the intended customers.

Application Requirements

In order to be eligible for obtaining a tourism license, the applicant needs to meet the following requirements:

Credibility Records

Authorities place a high value on the reputation of travel operators since it is crucial to the Thai economy and reputation. Those that fit this description must demonstrate the legitimacy of their operations, either by going through a police station background check or getting recommendations from two registered tour operators.

Security Deposit

After receiving a tourism license from TAT, the final step is to pay the necessary fees and security deposit. The applicant must submit a security deposit of: in cash, cashier’s check, or bank guarantee.

Tourism License Validity and Extension

The tourism license is good for two years after it has been granted. The license must be renewed within 120 days of the current expiration date in order to continue running the business. The license must be turned over to TAT during the last 30 days of its validity in the event of company dissolution.

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