Other Non-Immigrant Visas

Foreign nationals who plan to stay in Thailand for an extended period of time should apply for a non-immigrant visa under the category that best fits their needs. The initial visas, which can be obtained at a Thai embassy overseas, are good for 90 days, can be extended at a Thai immigration office, and are then renewed yearly. If the supporting documentation are in order, an existing tourist visa with appropriate validity may also be converted to a non-immigrant visa at the immigration office.

Overview of Non-Immigrant Visa Categories in Thailand

Marriage Visa – O

The prerequisites for this visa are that you must be legitimately wed to a Thai national, have a minimum of 400,000 THB in your own Thai bank account, or make at least 40,000 THB per month in regular income. You may also use this visa (instead of the business visa) to apply for your work permit if you are married to a Thai national or have a Thai kid.

Retirement Visa – O

You must be at least 50 years old, pass basic health, criminal, and character tests, and not be employed or working in Thailand in order to qualify for this visa. You must have at least 800,000 THB in your Thai bank account to qualify for this visa, or you must have a steady source of income or a pension that pays at least 65,000 THB per month, as proven by a letter from your embassy in Thailand.

Dependant Visa – O

Once your business visa and work permit are issued, your spouse or family member should apply for a dependent visa if they will be living in Thailand with you. Birth and marriage certificates, as well as evidence of a relationship, are examples of supporting documents. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs shall certify Thai translations of these documents.

Guardian Visa – O

You can apply for a guardian visa if you have a child studying in Thailand who is under 20 years old. In this case, you must provide a birth certificate to prove your relationship to the child, a letter from the child’s school, and proof of a deposit of 500,000 THB in your personal Thai bank account.






Investment Visa – O

Under the standards outlined by the immigration legislation, foreigners investing in Thailand with a value of at least 10 million THB are eligible for the investment visa. The applicant must be able to present official paperwork for the investment and give proof that the specified money has been transferred to their Thai bank account.

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