Licenses to Import Alcohol

You should register for the (paperless) import license/export license with the Customs Department if your company is in the import/export industry or if the nature of your business necessitates that you bring particular products into or out of Thailand. Your business would be added to the Customs Department’s online database as a result of this registration, allowing the products to pass through Customs in your company’s name.

Prerequisites to Obtaining the Import License/Export License

Your company must have a corporate bank account and be registered for VAT with the Revenue Department before submitting this application in order to be eligible for a paperless import/export license. With the use of the authorized director’s signature on the official documents and the original passport, this procedure can be finished in a single day.

Need for Additional Licenses

The absence of comprehensive legislation governing the export of commodities is another reason why this type of business is appealing, in addition to one of the key advantages of an import/export corporation (100 percent foreign ownership). However, due to Thai law’s limitations on the import of particular goods, additional licenses for import or export may be necessary. Different government agencies are involved in issuing the appropriate licenses depending on the type of products.
For the import of unfinished textile components, used motorbikes, used cars, intaglio printing machines, and color copiers, for instance, the Department of Foreign Trade is the responsible body. The Ministry of Finance is in charge of regulating the import of gold, while the Food and Drug Administration is in charge of the import of goods related to food, medications, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals.
Please let us know what products you are trading so that we can check with the relevant government agencies and ask for the required permits.

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