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Branch Office in Thailand

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A branch office is essentially a foreign business that registers a branch in Thailand to represent its presence there. The foreign company’s Thai branch is only an outpost of its overseas head office and is not thought of as a distinct legal entity from the latter. As a result, the branch will share the same shareholders and bylaws as the corporate headquarters. The branch’s operations could be distinct from those of the foreign head office.

Overview of a Branch Office in Thailand

Foreign Ownership

Up to 100% .

Capital Requirements

Minimum 3 million THB paid up capital .

Tax Rate

Regular progressive corporate income tax rates (may need to check Tax Treaty with home country)

Foreign Business License

Will be issued upon approval of the registration

Business Restrictions

Restricted to the business for which the Branch Office is registered

Registration Duration

3–4 months

Application Process

The firm documentation from the overseas head office must be notarized, translated into Thai, and a detailed business plan must be submitted for the proposed operations to be carried out in Thailand as part of the application procedure for registering a branch office in Thailand. Please find below a list of the documents that must be produced and submitted with the application to the Ministry of Commerce:
  • A copy of a certificate or other documentation of a juristic person’s status that includes information about the company’s name, registered capital, business goals, headquarters, a roster of its board of directors, and its authorized signatories
  • A letter of appointment of a person in Thailand (who may be a foreigner or a Thai native) issued by the foreign juristic person’s authorized signatory for appointment as the agent to oversee the branch’s operations in Thailand on their behalf.
  • A copy of the appointed person’s passport, foreigner identification card, house registration certificate, or other document proving residency in Thailand, or other proof of permission to enter Thailand for a brief period of time under the immigration regulations
  • A statement from the foreign legal entity attesting that the applicant, directors, managers, and appointed person meet the requirements and don’t have any of the traits listed in section 16 of the Foreign Business Act, B.E. 2542 (1999).
    a map showing the general location of the company’s operations in Thailand
  • For the formation of the branch office in Thailand under the immigration regulations, a power of attorney in the event that another person has been given the authority to act on the applicants’ behalf
    a statement from the foreign party

Additional proof or documentation, such as the head office’s annual audited financial report for the previous three years, confirmation from the head office of the salary and other compensation of the person in charge of the operations in Thailand, etc.
a statement describing the kind of business for which an application for a license to open the branch is made:

The kind of the business for which the application is submitted, along with its operational stages
An estimate of the amount of money the applicant will spend annually over a period of three years in Thailand for the purchase of fixed assets and for operational costs of the business, or over the actual period of business operation in cases where the applicant operated the business for fewer than three years.
The scope of the activities
The applicant’s total workforce size in Thailand (e) a strategy for transferring technology and importing technology from outside
A research and development plan that details the working plan for the planned research and development and provides supporting documentation

The entire economic benefit that the business operation is anticipated to provide to Thailand

The source of funding and anticipated earnings from the Thailand branch office project

Due to the extended time and high cost of incorporation, setting up a branch office in Thailand is a little more difficult than setting up a limited business, although many international corporations may elect to do so. It should be highlighted that because the branch is a foreign entity, none of its operations may be restricted under the Foreign Business Act. Three million Thai Baht is the minimum amount needed for establishment, and three million THB is also needed for each business activity the branch office would do in Thailand. The Branch Office will be issued a foreign business license after it has been registered in order to conduct business in Thailand.

A Branch Office is permitted to generate income in Thailand, unlike the Representative Office. Similar to a foreign-owned corporation incorporated in Thailand, a branch office in Thailand must comply with all general legal and tax requirements.

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