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Our point-of-sale system was created specifically to meet the requirements of Thai companies.
We have developed POS Software in Thailand that can assist you easily overcome the special difficulties experienced by local firms because we are aware of these difficulties.
You can track sales, manage your inventory, and streamline your company’s operations using POS Software in Thailand in just a few simple clicks.
Even if you’ve never used point-of-sale software before, you can easily navigate the system thanks to our user-friendly design. POS Software in Thailand
Additionally, our software can be altered to meet the particular requirements of your company. Our system may be customized to meet your needs, whether you operate a small café or a large retail establishment. POS Software in Thailand
POS Software in Thailand

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Safe and Secure

PAN uses advanced encryption to protect your data.

Regularly Updated

Stay ahead with regular updates

Fully Customizable

Unleash your uniqueness with our powerful customization feature

Fast and Powerful

Our POS system is built to deliver unrivaled performance, ensuring lightning-fast transactions and seamless operations

Perfect for Everything

Used in Restaurants, Retail, Rentals and much more.

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Our Support answers all your tickets within a couple of hours.

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Upcoming Features

Here you can read more about our forthcoming updates and new features that are going to be implemented in our future releases. POS Software in Thailand

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October 2020 .Smart Inventory

Our most recent version, Intelligent Inventory Management, completely transforms the way you manage inventory. Predictive analytics and AI-powered algorithms make it possible to optimize stock levels, cut down on waste, and guarantee constant product availability. Stockouts are a thing of the past, and inventory management is now more efficient.

Juli 2021 .Smart Tax

Enhanced Reporting and Analytics: Our updated reporting features provide in-depth insights into your business performance. Discover key trends, identify top-selling products, and track customer preferences with ease. Empowered by actionable data, you can make informed decisions that drive growth and maximize profitability.

January 2023 .Personalized Customer Engagement

To assist you establish a closer connection with your customers, we've included innovative new tools. Our upgrade enables you to provide great customer experiences that promote long-lasting relationships, from targeted promotions and personalized discounts to automated loyalty programs.

We provide a variety of services, such as real-time personnel management, sales statistics, and inventory management, providing you total command over your company’s operations. POS Software in Thailand

Your experience at checkout will be smooth because to the way our system is set up. With a few clicks, you can quickly process payments, accept a variety of payment options, and generate receipts. To keep your consumers coming back for more, you can also monitor your customer data and provide incentives and loyalty programs. POS Software in Thailand

Our system is built using the most recent encryption technology because security is one of our top priorities. This makes sure that your data is safe and secure. Your client information, financial information, and business records are always protected, so you can relax.


PAN POS - Point of Sale

Manage several stores, inventory, sales statistics, and a loyalty program.
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  • Sell from a smartphone or tablet
  • Printed or electronic receipts
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Open tickets
  • Discounts
  • Refunds
  • Item variants
  • Item modifiers
  • Hardware
  • Item variants
  • Multiple locations
  • Customer display
  • Tax Friendly Reports

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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - Point of Sale (POS) System for Thailand

FAQ - Point of Sale (POS) System for Thailand

  1. What is a POS system?

    A POS system refers to the software and hardware combination used to facilitate sales transactions and manage business operations efficiently. It includes features like inventory management, sales tracking, payment processing, and reporting.

  2. Why should I use a POS system in Thailand?

    A POS system streamlines your business operations by automating tasks like inventory management, sales tracking, and reporting. It helps you save time, reduce errors, and provide better customer service. Additionally, it enables you to comply with the tax regulations and legal requirements in Thailand.

  3. Is the POS system tailored specifically for Thailand?

    Yes, the POS system is designed to meet the specific needs of businesses in Thailand. It supports the Thai language, currency (Thai Baht - THB), and tax regulations, ensuring compliance with local laws.

  4. Can the POS system handle Thai tax requirements?

    Yes, the POS system is equipped to handle Thai tax requirements. It can generate accurate tax invoices (PND 53) and reports, calculate VAT (Value Added Tax) and withholding tax (PND 1), and provide the necessary documentation for tax compliance.

  5. Does the POS system support multiple payment methods?

    Yes, the POS system supports various payment methods commonly used in Thailand. These include cash, credit/debit cards, mobile wallets, QR code payments, and other popular payment gateways in the country.

  6. Can the POS system integrate with other business tools?

    Yes, the POS system can integrate with other business tools such as accounting software, inventory management systems, customer relationship management (CRM) software, and e-commerce platforms. This integration allows for seamless data flow between different systems, reducing manual effort and increasing efficiency.

  7. Does the POS system provide inventory management capabilities?

    Yes, the POS system includes robust inventory management features. It allows you to track and manage inventory levels, set low-stock alerts, generate purchase orders, manage stock transfers, and perform stocktaking efficiently.

  8. Can the POS system generate sales reports?

    Absolutely. The POS system provides comprehensive sales reporting capabilities. You can access detailed reports on sales performance, best-selling items, top customers, and more. These reports offer valuable insights for informed decision-making and strategic planning.

  9. Is the POS system user-friendly?

    Yes, the POS system is designed with a user-friendly interface to ensure ease of use. It features intuitive navigation, customizable menus, and user permissions, making it simple for your staff to learn and operate effectively.

  10. What kind of support is available for the POS system?

    We offer regular Updates and a Ongoing Support that will be available to you at any given time.

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Among the tools we provide are real-time inventory management,

But there’s more! Our system is also made to be adaptable and expandable, so it can expand along with your company. Your POS Thailand system can grow along with your business. We provide 24/7 support to assist you with the changeover and make sure your system is always up and working efficiently. POS Software in Thailand

You can manage your business operations more easily by integrating our system with additional software and hardware, such as accounting software, barcode scanners, and printers.

Because we recognize that every business has distinct needs, we provide a variety of pricing options to fit your budget.

We have a solution for your needs, whether you’re searching for a basic package or a more sophisticated system. POS Software in Thailand

In conclusion, POS Thailand is the ideal option for companies in Thailand of all sizes and sorts. Our system will help you achieve your goals, whether they involve streamlining operations, enhancing customer service, or growing your company. To find out more about how we can help your company succeed, get in touch with us right away POS Software in Thailand!